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Tranquility _ Vyoma Parikh  _ Landscape painting.jpeg
Vyoma Parikh_Paentio.jpeg

Vyoma Parikh

Mumbai, India

Through her paintings one can see her depiction of a blossoming relationship and the beginning of a new dawn.


Born and brought up in Mumbai, Vyoma has always had a passion for arts.
Apart from being an artist, she was an accomplished table tennis player having represented and captained the Indian Women’s Team at many international events, namely the Asian Games Seoul 1986, five World Championships between 1979 to 1987 besides Asian championships and The Commonwealth championships. She’s a Triple crown winner of National Games in New Delhi. 

Widely travelled, she has drawn her inspiration from many places and artists from all over the world. Besides being a successful jeweller for the last three decades, she spends her days painting at her South Bombay Studio.

She has trained under the late Mr. Anand Pardesee of Nootan Kala Kendra and portrait artist Mr. Pramod Kurlekar, but has developed her own style. 


Oil on linen is her preferred medium though she does dabble in mixed media. Deft strokes that pulsate through the canvas are her characteristic style. Another preferred technique is pointillism which can be seen across her numerous detailed artworks. 
Inspired by how things originate and evolve, her works cover a variety of themes such as a mother and child, the dawn at the ghats, an emerging sun on the mountains and the play of light on a lotus pond. Through these paintings one can see her depiction of a blossoming relationship and the beginning of a new dawn.
She had her first solo exhibition in December 2016, followed by another successful show in 2018 in Mumbai. In addition to her solo exhibitions, she conducted two online sales, the proceeds of which were donated to charitable organisations during the Covid -19 pandemic. She is thankful to be able to follow her passion.


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