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Hyderabad, Telangana, India

"Agacharya's artistic vision extends beyond mere representation; he seeks to explore the myriad moods and emotions of Telangana women in diverse situations."


Step into the mesmerizing world of Agacharya, a talented artist whose brush strokes breathe life into the rural landscapes of Karimnagar, Telangana. Through his captivating paintings, he celebrates the beauty and innocence of Telangana women, adorned with simplicity and charm. Agacharya's artistry transcends mere depiction; it encapsulates the essence of rural life, resonating with viewers on a profound level.

Agacharya's Inspirations: Hailing from the rustic environs of Karimnagar, Agacharya draws inspiration from his surroundings, infusing his paintings with the rich cultural tapestry of rural Telangana. His deep connection to his roots imbues his artwork with authenticity and warmth, transporting viewers to the heart of the countryside with every stroke of his brush.

Figurative Splendor: At the core of Agacharya's oeuvre lies a profound appreciation for figurative art. His paintings serve as poignant portraits of Telangana women, characterized by their grace, simplicity, and understated beauty. With a keen eye for detail, Agacharya masterfully captures the essence of his subjects, breathing life into each canvas with skillful precision.

Exploring Moods and Situations: Agacharya's artistic vision extends beyond mere representation; he seeks to explore the myriad moods and emotions of Telangana women in diverse situations. From moments of quiet contemplation to joyous celebrations, his paintings offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of rural life, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its vibrant hues and timeless charm.

Exhibitions and Shows: Despite his rural origins, Agacharya's talent has garnered widespread recognition on the artistic stage. With two solo shows in Hyderabad and participation in numerous group exhibitions across India, his work has captivated audiences far and wide. From intimate gallery settings to bustling art fairs, Agacharya's paintings continue to inspire and delight viewers with their evocative beauty and timeless appeal.


Solo Shows

Group Shows

2023    Visual Narratives at Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad
2022    Rural Renditions at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 
2012        Rustic Tales - 2 at Beyond Coffee, Hyderabad
2011        Rustic Tales at Beyond Coffee, Hyderabad
Two Men Shows:
2014    Expression of Colors, Gallery Space, Hyderabad
2011      Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
International Group Shows:
2018      Art Revolution Taipei, A.R.T. 2018, Taiwan
2017      Art Revolution Taipei, A.R.T. 2017, Taiwan

2023         Hyderabad Art Festival - 2023 Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, Curated by PJ Stalin & Ashok Macha 
Narratives of the Here & Now, Chitramayee State  Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, 
Curated by Fawad Tamkanat & Atiya Amjad.
Small is Beautiful, An Art Exhibition, at 105 Art Gallery, Chandigarh, Curated by Mehak Bhan
2022        Equal, An Art Exhibition, at  Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, Pune, Curated by Ajay Chandak
2021        Rejuvenation, Group Show, At Gallery Space, Hyderabad
Vasant Online Group Show, Curated by Vasanth Rao
And She Slays the Demon Covid-19 Charity Art Project for India 2021 by Gnani Arts, Singapore
MRT No.1 Charitable Trust  Art show for  Sri Arunodhayam for  2020-21, Curated by Fawad Tamkanat
2020        Telangana Topics, Online Show Organized by Foundation of Art and Culture Bhopal, Curated by Laxman Aelay
Artistic Resilience, Online Art Exhibition of Indian Contemporary Artists, Gallery Space, Hyderabad
2019        Tiger, Group Show at Chitramayee Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, Curated by Fawad Tamkanat
Intonations, Group Show by Artdias at Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, Curated by Vasuprem Indian Art Festival at Mumbai
2018        Rangrez, Group Art Exhibition at Kolkata
1st All India Art Competition & Exhibition at Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad
14th Anniversary Celebrations of Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad
2017            Camel Art Foundation at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Way to Go Ailamma Art Gallery, Hyderabad
76 th All India Art Exhibition by Hyderabad Art Society 
2016         Art @ Telangana’s Kala Mela at Peoples Plaza, Hyderabad
Hyderabad Art Society  Platinum Jubilee Celebration at Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad
Rein,Reign,Rain Ailamma Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Indian Art Festival at Mumbai
Colours of Novotel, Season-5 at Novotel, Hyderabad, Curator : Rangoli Garg
Mytrah’s Art for Social Cause at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad,  Curator : B Bhaskar Rao     
2015         Indian Art Festival at New Delhi 
Indian Art Festival, Impressions Art Gallery at Mumbai 
Hyd Art Fete 2015 by Hyderabad Art Society at Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Glorious Telangana, Group Show at Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad
Telangana Artists Group Show at Reves Art Gallery, Bangalore
My God Group Show at Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Small is Beautiful Group Show,, Masters Collection Art Gallery, Kolkata
2014        Hyderabad Artist Group show at Studio Siana, Pune
Art@Telangana Telangana Artists Group Show  in Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad


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