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Bringing exhibitions to the virtual realm - Explore. Immerse. Collect.

Established in April 2021, Paentio emerges as a digital art gallery, featuring a diverse array of artworks from artists throughout India.

Based in Hyderabad, India, Paentio extends its presence nationwide, offering a platform for artists to express their creativity and showcase their cultural heritage through various artistic forms like sculptures, rich media, art objects, and, notably, paintings.

Apart from Contemporary art, The gallery specializes in promoting regional traditional art forms, including Pichwai Art, Tanjore Paintings, and the distinctive Cheriyal Art of Telangana, Pattachitra, Jain Art, etc.



Curated Artworks Listing

Experience the collection of artworks by the team of our  expert curators. 

Looking at Paintings

Art Advisory

Buy art that moves you or to invest for future returns. Speak to our knowledgeable art advisors, to plan and invest in art.

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Handpainted Wall Art

A wide range of design options from Paentio to redefine your living space. Painted with perfection by our team of expert artists. 

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Bulk Art

Select the art that interests you, from the wide range of art available with us; from your favourite artists or the art style that you like.


Exclusive Shows

Exclusive shows by Paentio, featuring individual artist or group of artists. 

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Commissioned Artworks

Get the artworks done on pre-order, as per your requirement.


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Mahesh Bolle
Founder & CEO

The Creative Force Behind Paentio

Mahesh's deep-rooted passion for art and his experience in the advertising industry have culminated in the creation of Paentio, a venture that seeks to redefine the boundaries of creativity.

A Versatile Artist and Entrepreneurial Spirit, Mahesh is a versatile artist with an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications in Pune. His journey in the world of art and business began with a fervent interest in creativity and a desire to bring something unique to the canvas of life.

Driven by his unwavering commitment to art, Mahesh Bolle founded Paentio as a platform to showcase the limitless possibilities of creative expression. Paentio stands as a testament to Mahesh's dedication to providing a space where artists can push the boundaries of their imagination and share their unique perspectives with the world. Also, the collectors can get a range of artworks as per their choice. 

His ability to seamlessly blend artistic vision with strategic thinking will not only set Paentio apart in the industry but also open up new avenues for creative expression.

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